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January 24, 2020

Raleigh NC Homes For Sale

How about that real estate in Raleigh, North Carolina? Homes for sale are still modestly priced though there are seemingly endless career opportunities for just about everyone. In fact, because of the Research Triangle Park and Associated universities, Duke University, North Carolina Central University, and UNC Chapel Hill, Raleigh and the surrounding cities Have enjoyed population growth year in and year out for decades since the inception of Research Triangle Park in 1959. Today, Raleigh has a population a 470,000 and there are 1.2 million people in the greater metropolitan area. This is 25% of the population of Los Angeles or New York. Despite this proportional correlation of populations, unlike the east or west coast real estate hotspots with prices up to the millions, the average Raleigh house price is still only $278,000. No wonder it is not only an attractive place to work and live but an excellent draw for homebuyers as well. Have a look at the downtown Raleigh, NC video at the top of our home page and you’ll see what an attractive and dynamic metropolitan place Raleigh is. There are plenty of homes of every type and style too, from high rise luxury condos to historic and estate homes on generously large parcels of land.

Getting Your Own Slice Of The Raleigh Real Estate Pie

Once you have made easy decision to have your own pick of thousands of Raleigh, North Carolina homes, you want to find the right one for sale that meets your needs and expectations. Just like we said before, Raleigh is extremely large. In fact, it is bested only by Charlotte, North Carolina. By the time you are reading this, home prices in Charlotte will have already exceeded those in Raleigh, NC and the gap will continue to increase. Simply put, Raleigh has a little more room for growth. It’s a little less crowded and it’s suburbs spread out generously in every direction and the homes here are to die for.

Raleigh Homes Come In All Flavors And Sizes
Raleigh Homes Come In All Flavors And Sizes

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